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LOGAN, Utah – The Truth Of Addiction Program announces it’s success in helping people with addiction to manage their cravings or urges at home without expensive or luxurious facilities.

“The conventional method of addiction treatment lacks science and evidence,” says A. Scott Roberts, M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling and Truth of Addiction CEO. “Research actually shows dismally low success rates using conventional ‘acute’ care because it does not help an addict to properly manage cravings or urges for their drug of choice.”

The Truth Of Addiction system claims to be an evidence-based system backed by references and driven by research and data. It is instantly downloadable, allowing people immediate access to the program .

A. Scott Roberts states, “when it comes to addiction, you may hear all sorts of opinions. Some say it only affects moral wrongdoers or those that are weak-willed, but scientists know this concept is not true. The current addiction model is based on this perception, and tries to treat individuals based on a psychological deficit. But addiction causes biochemical changes in the brain that need to be addressed to usher successful recovery.”

A Few Things Covered In The Truth Of Addiction Program

– Why common practices for addiction show very low success rates.
– The truth about conventional “acute” treatments and why very little has changed over the last 50 years.
– How the brain gets in a habit loop, and how to break out of this viscous cycle.
– Key nutrients that are backed by research to restore neurotransmitter activity in the brain and boost success.
– Step-by-step videos and audio tracks revealing how to properly manage cravings and urges.

When going through the Truth Of Addiction program, it may surprise you how conventional addiction techniques are based on very little evidence, while the lesser-known techniques, that anyone can do, are supported by several lines of research.

Truth Of Addiction
A. Scott Roberts
41 E 400 N, STE 127
Logan, Utah

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