The advantages and disadvantages of the glass kitchenware in people’s daily life

China – With the increasingly popularity of the healthy eating habit, the revolution of the tableware in people¡¯s daily life already began. The website is the professional online supplier for all kinds of the green and health glass tableware such as Glass food containers. Recently, their order volume has had greatly increasing. However, this pleasant situation should be mainly owing to the penetration of the concept that the glass tableware is much healthier than other sorts of familiar products such as the stainless tableware.

The sales manager from Glass food containers has explained that the Glass tableware such as Cooking pot lid was processed by the naturally glass as the basic material and the surface of this kind of products had already been processed by some beneficial methods. With all above advantages, the Glass tableware own the strong points such as high hardness, excellent chemical stability, smooth surface, easy to be cleaned and environmental protection. Glass tableware such as Glass baking pan is very clean and does not contain the non-toxic substances.

Although there are many advantages of the glass tableware, there are also many disadvantages of glass tableware. The first disadvantage should be fragile. If people use this sort of tableware improperly, the wrong action can easily lead to burst. Secondly, even if the glass tableware is clean and non-toxic, but sometimes these glass tableware will also occur the situation of moldy. This is mainly because the long-term water erosion and the silicate glass sodium reacts with carbon dioxide in the air to produce one sort of white crystalline carbonate which will do damage to people¡¯s health. So, people should clean these harmful substances by the alkaline detergent. This point is very important.

The other disadvantage for the glass tableware such as Pyrex glass food storage should be the lead containing. While the ordinary glass may also contain very small amounts of lead, however, these small containing lead will not bring harm to the body health of people. If you do not trust this, you could soak all of these Glass baking pans in vinegar before the first using and then this kind of solution can make the harmful lead substances into the glass be precipitated. For the daily experience, if people want to hold the acidic drinks or food, it is best to using the natural glassware and people should try to avoid using the leaded glass.

However, compared with the stainless tableware or others, the glass kitchenware owns its incommutable advantages. If people want to purchase the high quality glass kitchen ware with the suitable price, please visit website

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